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14 October 2009

(English) New photos from India

(English) from today you get get live updates on the photos done by the Base Team at this address:

here is a preview of last days in India! big hugs!

7 October 2009

(English) Lucena: 10,000 people Peace Sign


5 October 2009

(English) Welcome to the Philippines


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Base Team just arrived

Base Team just arrived

Police Escorts

Police, force and joy

4 October 2009

(English) Day #3 photos


3 October 2009

(English) Day #2 photos


2 October 2009

(English) Day #1 photos


29 September 2009

Rekohu island – foto

27 September 2009

Auckland: marcia della pace e della nonviolenza

tutte le foto sono copyright by Nastassja Downey