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3 November 2009

(English) Trieste meets Vienna!

(English) Trieste and Vienna are two towns that are crossed by World March.  Nearby countries (Italy and Austria) and « only » about 450 km. But they are on different routes: Vienna by main team (3rd November, today!!) and Trieste by balkan team (7th November).

In previous weekend i had to go to Vienna for tourism and playing [...]

27 October 2009

(English) World March for Peace and Nonviolence – Programme for Istanbul – Geneva section 27th October – 9th November 2009

(English) Tuesday 27th October


13.00 meeting at Kadikoy at 13.00
14.00 press release in Kadikoy Square.
between 20.00 – 23.00 hrs a mini conference and concert will be carried out at a culture center in Taksim

Wednesday 28th October


11.00 am, the team will be welcomed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Cultural and Social Affairs Department’s Director and Assistant Director.  Say [...]