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30 September 2009

The Moriori People pass a “peace baton” to World March spokesperson, Rafael de la Rubia.

“Don’t waste your life fighting wars! All we take with us after our death is what we have loved and what we have given. We must all pass through the eye of a needle,” were the words of Mana Cracknell, spiritual chief of the Moriori tribe on offering Rafael de la Rubia a peace baton [...]

30 September 2009

(Italiano) Rekohu!!


ciao amici!!
sentirvi cosi’ vicini mi fa proprio bene!!
vi aggiorno un pochino..
ieri siamo arrivati sulle isole chatam delle isole sperdute in mezzo al pacifico dove tira un vanto della madonna e siamo vestiti in stile russia (pensavo di tenermi il pile per la fine del viaggio e invece…) ci hanno accolto con una cerimonia veramente [...]

30 September 2009

The March and the Moriori people – an experience in the Chatham Islands

Yesterday we arrived on the main island in the Chathams, Rekohu, which literally means the ‘Sun through the mist’.  The base team together with another 30 or so invited guests were met by the grandson of the last supposedly “pure” Moriori, our host, a great guy called Maui Solomon and his lovely wife Susan at Wellington airport.  [...]

29 September 2009

Chatham Island video

29 September 2009

Rekohu island – photos

29 September 2009

(Italiano) Dal 4 ottobre la Marcia Mondiale sarà anche in Medio Oriente!

(Italiano) Ciao a tutti!

tra pochi giorni arriveranno novità anche dal’equipe della Marcia Mondiale che percorrerà il tratto Medio Orientale!

si parte il 4 ottobre da Il Cairo, in Egitto, si toccheranno il Barhein,  gli Emirati Arabi, la Giordania , Israele e Palestina, per poi arrivare in Turchia, e ad  Istanbul ci si congiungerà con l’equipe [...]

29 September 2009

A new experience…

Although yesterday I said New Zealand is stunning, I didn’t really say why.  There is an incredible landscape.  Everything is so green and the mountains, canyons and rivers are all dramatic.  I could talk about it but the images speak better than words.  It’s very easy to see why the British wanted to colonise this [...]

28 September 2009

New Zealand – 27 september

The Base Team and the first activities in Ackland, New Zealand, preparing the start of the March on October 2.

28 September 2009

(Español) EB desde Auckland y Rotorua – Nueva Zelanda

Friends, I send a big hug from New Zealand where we haven’t stopped since we arrived.  This added to connection problems and various minor accidents (loss of a computer, forgotten documents, border issues, broken down bus, etc) have made this day and a half feel like a week.

Yesterdya there were many activities in Auckland, including [...]

28 September 2009

The Maori endorse the World March

An excellent start for the Base Team! More than 250 people came to greet the International Team of the World March in the heart of Auckland, headed by their spokesperson Rafael de la Rubia, team coordinator, Marco Inglessis and members from 4 continents. They were gathered in the heart of Auckland in the presence of [...]

27 September 2009

New Zealand is stunning!

The WM was taken as an opportunity to inaugurate a Peace March through Auckland

27 September 2009

Auckland: Peace and Non-Violence heritage walk

all photos are copyright by Nastassja Downey